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Remote Sessions with a Professional Studio Result

How does it work?  Simply drop me an email explaining your requirements and any ideas for direction, alongside your audio files.  I'll then have a listen, before emailing or calling to discuss next steps and any creative ideas I may have, and helping you to realise your vision for your music.
How long will it take?  Depending upon your requirements, some solo sessions can be completed and delivered within 24 hours, however if you need an arrangement for horn section, this can take a little longer.
The Studio:  I record all remote sessions at my home studio, using Logic Pro X; RME outboard interface and preamps, and a variety of classic and modern microphones.  All finished projects are emailed back as uncompressed audio files, completely free of any further processing (unless otherwise requested).
The Instruments:  I have accrued a collection of the highest quality instruments and accessories, to provide a broad range of tones and effects to suit any musical style, including:
  • Conn New Wonder II Soprano Saxophone.
  • Selmer Super Balanced Action Alto Saxophone
  • Selmer MkVI Tenor Saxophone
  • Selmer MkVi Baritone Saxophone
  • Selmer Series 9 Bb Clarinet
  • Mateki (Watanabe) Flute

Sound Clips:


Brief: To provide an improvised solo on Tenor Saxophone over a Country-Rock song

For a brief like this, I typically provide 3 alternative solos, enabling the client/producer to choose their favourite, or construct a 'comp' take using phrases from each.


Brief: To compose and arrange horn section parts for a Blues-Rock song, in the style of the Rolling Stones' 'Exile On Main Street' album.

I can arrange, and organise recording of, a variety of horn section lineups.  This example was recorded with alto saxophone, 2 tenor saxophones and 1 baritone, giving that classic rich, powerful sound.

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